Greetings to you friends from here and there. We are now the day following this Wonder…  Full meeting for the World wide Day of the Crystal Skulls.

The Energy was plentiful and I am floating and elevated in my consciousness and in the Consciousness of All.


Many could have thought that the Era of the Crystal Skulls had died on December 21st 2012, when many were predicting the end of the world and our civilization, when it might have been better to read THE END OF A WORLD AND THE BEGINNING OF A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS…

And yet…  yesterday, we were able to witness that history is very different. When we met on Sunday November 22nd 2015, almost 4 years after this predicted date, the Crystal Skulls were there and took their places like never before.


There was an unbelievable number of skulls on this occasion. We must have had on the podium and in the assistance over 700 skulls in the same room.  A total success when you know that this gathering was not held in an important city like Montreal or Quebec city.

We were in Trois-Rivieres, in the heart of Quebec, Canada, and it was wonderful to see that people came from all over the province to assist at this important assembly to emanate this crystalline energy  and to share in such  a wonderful meditation dedicated to Peace on Earth.

DSCF0725 2

I wanted to thank one and all for your presence at this gathering which represented for me, an Opening to Other Patways, allowing us to reach a level of consciousness different that what we have ever experienced up to now.

These Crystal Skulls give us an opportunity to gather together, even if very often people find it strange to communicate with other spheres of consciousness… Let’s not forget that without crystal quartz we would never have been able to have radio, television and other communication devices…  The crystal enables us to communicate through radio.  People who came long before us had been able to understand this, an Atlantian technology for some, a technology coming from the stars for others…


The Crystal Skulls are much more than a communication support. They are also an energy source allowing us to transform our energy and to elevate our frequencies and much more could we tell about this vast store of information that they are.  For sure, we are still not in measure to be able to prove this conclusively, but the not too distant future may allow us to discover new spiritual and cosmic horizons through an open mind that we will have here, and for the whole of the cosmos, so that we may gain all the necessary answers and tools to walk in the New Dawn.

We are now in the Era of Commune…Actions and of the future Interstellar Contacts, so, why not get ready to transform the visions we might have of our world and of ourselves so that we can widen our horizons for the Transform…Actions to come.


Whatever happens, the Crystal Skulls are much more than a vision support. For a better understanding of the subject, please click below on the small picture.

Max the talking Crystal Skull

So, I wish again to thank you for the success of our meeting and to let you know just how this is important for the Collectivity, for the planetary and cosmic Consciousness, for the reunification of all the peoples and for peace on Earth.

As you might have understood, the pictures found in this article, are those taken during the November 22nd 2015 meeting in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.  Such a great success and I am well pleased….

Crystalline Gratitude and immense Respect to all and… May we receive the Best…  It is our Right !

Philippe-William Sinclair

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