Yes we are now entering at this very moment in time, a huge spiral pulling us where no one could have imagined finding themselves. It is the start of inevitable propulsion to countless states of unsuspected levels of consciousness.

Everything seems to take position in order to destabilize us in what we are, in our day to day living. For sure, the old thought processes are crumbling. What was true and real yesterday is no longer true today.

Many are desperately trying to hang on to the past for that is where the good memories might be. Others feel so stressed trying to sustain everything thinking only of tomorrow. It is as if the present moment had become unsustainable or impossible to live.

Whatever we do, nothing will remain the same, so we might as well let go…

Our way of looking at things and of living…everything seems to crumble, to disintegrate starting with governments…financial systems, human values, etc….

We are bombarded on all sides by visual and auditory manipulations, produced by radio and television programming. People are more and more flooded by all the productions received from television or radio manipulating our brains and our way of living intending to keep us hooked on a system that is trying to put us to sleep, aiming to paralyse our brains, body and soul.

What can we say about all those cellular towers erected to provide wi-fi that also burns brain cells and destabilize the biological crystal cycle that is inherent in all of us? It is becoming more difficult to find our real frequency, our true vibration and, to further complicate our lives, newer technology are brought forth to create mutations with the goal of annihilating the real transmutations that are part of our True Divine Path.

However, we live those transformations, changes a day at a time and we must make the right decisions for what we are becoming, for our future. All this, at the present moment, is not really evident and even less is finding the totality of what we are being faced with at the present moment!

CHANGES are imposed but TRANSFORMATIONS are hoped for. We do not say “A climatic transformation” but we say “Climatic changes”. So, let’s find ourselves within the upcoming TRANSFORMATIONS.

Everything is speeding up… so our transformations will pick up more and more and we must trust in ourselves.  Despite all that we can see and feel throughout the planet we must not remain paralysed in front of all that or, even more, aggravate the circle of fear.

Divisions are created on all planes. We must learn to let go of certain things, to make space for new stuff. So much new information is coming to us from our planet, also from our spiritual guides, and also from civilizations called extraterrestrial.  We cannot remain blind and deaf to all that is coming to us.

Let us call this ‘’Spiritual Awakening’’ or such, but, whatever it may be, we just cannot wait and do nothing. We have arrived at this space-time portal where, once we have crossed the Vortex, nothing will remain the same!

How many of you have been experiencing for months or even years, dreams, visions, strange feelings that were unknown to you before ? We are trying to awaken you, using all means to wake us up and even shake us so that we may finally step up to other ways before we let it go too long and it be too late.

Our whole being is transforming and this occurring at an unprecedented speed… But, despite all the tribulations experienced on the whole planet in different ways, I know and feel that all of that will propel us to a new Consciousness, conscious and ready. But there remain some more steps to take.

This month of September 2016 will not be so easy for all of us who inhabit our planet and all that is seen or felt is trying to show us that unlike the feeling that the end might be near, it is truly only a beginning…  Yes, a start to propel us towards other things. This indicates that we will have choices to make!

To get there, we must learn to listen to our true Inside Voice which will in turn show us the External Way…

What we are experiencing is a form of purification. Let us call it a cleansing, liberation, freedom or other but, one thing is for sure, we will have to sweep away what is no longer useful in our lives. We just cannot keep on living wearing costumes that are no longer us and must remove all our masks to finally reveal and emanate the true Light that is in Us.

We are being shaken in our whole being by different emotions. So many people are experiencing psychic stress and fatigue.  People are feeling lost in all normal day to day things. But, this is not all bad, we must clean, let go, create space so that we can fill it with better things later.

We have become more sensitive and people get upset for all or nothing and this is perfectly normal, it is to better shake us up, to help free us from our old foundations, which we must get to remove. All that is too heavy to support forever and we must remove them to better rise lighter in mind, body and soul.

If we have become more sensitized to all that is harmful (microwaves, HAARP project, Food containing OGMs,  Waves created because of the influx of electronic gadgets, Water with Fluor and much more), we can also become more in tune to all that is beneficial for our Awakening.

We have been so long ago programmed to do and redo all the same things.  This is perhaps the time to transform all of this.  We do have the capabilities, we do need it so much, and we can attain it day by day with Faith.

Our bodies are experiencing transformations; we cannot think like before with all the knowledge that is now ours and this if only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to come and we just cannot take a step back, or even more think of escape.  We need to de-crystallize, to get rid of our assumptions, our fears, our doubts, our insecurities as all this is part of the old You received through your families’ cellular genetics and it is no longer needed for your evolution.

New updates are soon to be implanted in many of you living in fear and feeding it. What must be realized first of all is to remove ourselves from the old Matrix, from all the Holograms, so as to regain our freedom so we can find the True World that awaits us.

Each cell is facing new impulsion that will become more and more active through the upcoming weeks. To better receive this new knowledge, we shall have, first of all, to better center and anchor ourselves. Meditation, contemplation, yoga can be of help to us and also soft music, silence, walks in nature, sitting with our backs to a tree, walking barefoot and much more…

We must find peace within us as our minds are too easily distracted and live in constant alert mode. We must find the Calm by visualizing this Light within us, seeing it grow, and grow so that we can place it all around us.

The new frequencies coming from deep space; we shall need them for our evolution, our transfiguration and our ascension.  If at this moment you are feeling as if you were at the bottom of the wave, do not despair, for will come a time where you will find the springboard necessary to propel you towards other Soul elevations…   Sometimes, everything seems to be there to stop us, but you must ‘’Keep to the Path!’’

I have been contacted since my youth, since around 10 and 11 years of age, and I have experienced many things through my spiritual guides and brothers and sisters from the stars which we call ETs. We are not alone on this Earth! We are never left to rely only on ourselves.  Many have been living among us for a very long time and others are there, in our planetary system, in their intergalactic ships ready to come to our aid.  I also know that everything we are going through as a reason, even if this is hard to accept or understand…

It has been 46 years already that they have shown themselves to me, that they instruct me in many things, and I have had the chance… or the privilege ( I am not sure which word to use here) to visit wonderful organic worlds and perceive the beauty of our universe. Thanks to them my life has found a whole new meaning!  Without them, I would not be who I have become as years went by. They have let me see other worlds and civilizations. I have experienced states of Consciousness that cannot be explained in words as to what happened within me and what I have lived through in all these years.  I do not pretend to know everything, far from it… But, what I do know for sure is that they are already here, not far away, and that they are ready to keep us away from destruction.

The Earth’s Governments are keeping many secrets pretending that people would panic. All this is false! It is but a question of contracts, technology, treaties, corruptions, weapons for war and more … and all this with different extra-terrestrial civilizations that I prefer not having in my list of friends. But, let’s get passed them!

To experience the best of what is to come; we need a little more patience, tolerance, Love, Peace and Faith…

Coming this September 2016, a portal will be opened, has already started, and now it is a great cleanup period in all sense of the word.  As for me personally, I perceive it as something that will certainly shake us up to send us in a forward movement faster than anything we can imagine.  But, we must prepare ourselves for it…

Even if you have a week stomach hold on as everything will be going fast, even if the Earth shakes us up always keep in mind that it is A STRONG WIND OF PURIFICATION and when our biological crystal finds its true vibration setting, then… Everything will become possible! We will have reconnected with our True Divine Light…

Let’s get ready…Everything is before us!

We have arrived… We are there… It is the Beginning…


Philippe-William Sinclair


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  1. Let us prepare… Everything is still to come ! Receive the Best, It’s ours !

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