On the Web and in books we can find many brilliant and knowledgeable resources on the subject of the crystal Skulls and other different crystals.  Although there are many voices worthy of being heard, I do suggest certain practices and perspectives that will lead you to enrich your experience with crystals, mostly, because I believe that if you can embrace the fundamental nature of the fantastic kingdom of minerals and crystals, you will be able to live your very own experiences adapted with the help of the different crystal skulls that you will have the chance to hold in your lifetime.


They are alive and share their vibrations with us.

Nikola Tesla once said: 

«In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being.’»

He was right. It should be recognized that these crystals and minerals are a life-form and are living and conscious beings. They are not tools to be used, but more, allied to a partnership with you.

Although some understanding is necessary to understand the basic types of crystals (ex. Rose quartz is for the heart and amethyst is for the 3rd eye), each individual crystal has its own process of evolution, has its own vibration signature and also has its own life-purpose which is so interesting.

This means that 100 different crystal quartzes, for example, are 100 different sources of knowledge and are dissimilar according to their potential. Be open to this…

12241380_10205351100046402_6953198431813489896_nBe mindful of what they wish to transmit: with the understanding that crystals are alive, you will have to listen to them.  Sure, I do not mean the word ‘’listen’’ figuratively as if you would be able to hear it speak to you and you could hold a conversation with it just as you would with a friend, I just mean for you to tune in to them with your intuition and your heart.

Some people have heard musical notes coming from the crystal skulls; some crystals intone softly their story, other crystal skulls can transport you far beyond this plane of existence and certain crystals can act as a mirror to reflect your own self.

Know that a crystal skull can present different visages and energy from day to day, just like a human being.  They are multifaceted so respect them and be open to what they may want to convey and teach you….

They purify your water and render it alive: Placing a crystal skull in your water is a simple and practical use of a small skull and a powerful alchemy.  The basic idea is that every crystal is known to have a certain vibrations, be empowered with harmony, and help elevation and healing.  Water is a substance easy to imprint with information, energy and thoughts projected by magnetism.  When you place a crystal skull in a source of fresh water overnight or for a few daytime hours, the energy of this crystal skull is imprinted in the water… Then, when you drink this water, your cells and the water which composes your body are informed and transformed through the information transported by that water.

Try this if you have a crystal skull and trust your instinct…Place it in clean spring water for a night and drink it when you awake in the morning.  Concentrate your gratitude towards the water and the crystal skull. Understand that it is more than a simple gesture but an easy ritual that could affect great changes in your life. (This is done with tiny and intact crystal skulls that would not dissolve in the water)


Carry them with you and wear them: When you carry a stone with you its vibration is added to your global vibration.  Crystals are complex molecular and geometric assemblages called crystalline systems. If you were to scrutinize them under a microscope you would notice a full cohesion in the diagrams of interacting molecules and that, in regard with crystal, geometric forms are repeated. This is a brilliant demonstration of sacred geometry.  As human beings we also have a crystalline component.  When we wear a crystal all day long it will move at the speed of our vibrations and can help us to find harmony and a better sense of well-being.  This is even more so with the precious stone worn as jewelry.  Placing crystals or precious stones with metals like gold, silver or copper increases their properties.  In effect, crystals transmit an electromagnetic energy and the metal is an electrical conductor. Metals help to extend the range of the energy field and circulate in us and around our physical and energy field.

white-well-crystal-skull-glastonburyLet them be visible: Crystal skulls or those created in other natural stones come in a variety of colors. They are conscious of the fact that they have seen life in some beautiful physical shapes to be appreciated and looked at. In many ways, their appearance is responsible for their vibration and energy signature.

I have learned in the past that crystal skulls stored in a box or dark closed in space will find one way or another to get to the light.  Place them on your meditation altar, your desk, next to the picture of someone you love, or near the place you cook, or near your bed, or near your computer screen.

There is a purpose to this…

On one hand, all the crystal skulls have their own energy signature just as human beings have auras and everywhere they are they purify the energy, increase the vibration, offer a protection, increases the attraction of positive energy and abundance, bring harmony and beauty.  For sure, since crystal skulls are so different from each other and they will let you know just what their purpose is and on which level they are here to work with you.

The other main reason why it is good to keep your crystal skulls visible is that it will then be easier to communicate and interact with them. You may even suddenly feel that a certain crystal skull wishes to be place somewhere else, or that you need to hold it in your hands, rub it  or place it on your chest or on your 3rd eye. You may feel inspired to place one in your pocket and carry it with you one day, or you will remember to place it in your water, etc…

More you see them and more you think about them and they will offer you more vibrations of love that you may even get to hear or feel deep within you and appreciate more and more the beneficial effects in your life.

Let them sleep with you: Sleeping with a crystal skull under your pillow or next to your bed is an excellent way to receive beneficial energies because, when you sleep, you are in a state of non-resistance.  When there is no resistance, the elevated energies and curative qualities of the skulls in crystals or precious stones can be more easily assimilated.  In addition, sleeping with a crystal skull can enhance your dream experience. Some in particular can help you connect with the other side, allowing you to remember your dreams, your travels in another dimension, etc.

10392491_273640006160598_7202786046095229276_nPlay with them: I remember seeing a very inspiring video that went viral of a young boy who had created a formation of crystals quite surprising and he was explaining in the video just where each crystal had told him where they needed to be placed.  It is amazing to see just how easy some children know instinctively how to use them and understand their purpose! They understand the magic coming out of the crystals and of the skulls. It would be beneficial for the whole collectivity to experience this magical crystalline experience just as the children can.


If you own one or more skulls, crystal or of other special stone, take them out, place them on a cloth that pleases you, see how the energy is different if you place them in a certain way compared to another. Take them near the ocean or in the forest and feel just how they may interact with other elements.  See the magic occurring….

In my experience, the most active, energetic and powerful networks will be experienced according to the way you create sacred and geometric forms. During my conferences we recreate different figures that resemble pulsing stars, or spirals, or circles… We have in front of the public, formed shapes using hundreds of skulls of various shapes, sizes and forms (between 300 up to 700 hundred skulls)…. Just imagine the energies and what has happened during our meditations!  All limits have been broken, there are none left!

Sit yourself comfortably with them, light a few candles, incense, a soft music and there it is… the magic is born… And if you wish to go outside, why not place them at the foot of a tree, in the sand, near a pond… Those are precious moments when you can interact with them with ease, have fun and cherish them…


Act respectfully: The idea of using crystals and minerals is to learn to interrelate through experience. Every relation is built using as base Love and Respect.  The mineral realm is no different.  There is no one on this earth who does not desire Love and Respect.  I can guaranty you, when you open your heart to the energy of the crystal skulls, you will become amazed by the energy of love they can deploy and offer you. So, in good conscience, you already have all you need to connect with them, to work and play with them, and all this, to be able to live a healing of the soul through transformation received from the mineral realm of existence.

All of the advice, imparted to you here by me, is to help you to make a difference in your understanding of what crystal skulls truly are.

10246842_10153024863610056_2513044629500956945_nIf I can offer a last recommendation, hold in your hands this amazing friend, multifaceted, with such high frequencies, this magnificent crystal skull that need to be looked at to discover within it such a beautiful world. You will feel this awakening fascination allowing you to come closer and closer to your true nature. You shall explore your Inner Temple and discover an Eden so wonderful and an ever intensifying vibration thanks to you and to the members of your crystalline family, your Crystal Skulls.



You are the Universe and in you is Infinite Creation….

Philippe-William Sinclair.


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Guardians of the Crystal Skulls


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