Before I introduce you to the new member of my wonderful Crystal family I wish you to visit where he comes from and his story so that you may understand just how much I feel happy and special to have received such a beautiful Crystal Awakener in my life…

Such a trip this skull travelled to reach me as he comes straight from the Himalayas. The mountain Kailash (mountain of crystal) also called Gang Rinpoche or Kailâsa, is a 6,714 meter high peak in the Kailash Range which forms part of the Transhimalaya in Tibet China, in the Himalayas situated in the Ngari region of Tibet near lake Manasarovar and Rakshastal. It lies near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia; the Indus River, the Sitlej River, the Brahmaputra River, and the Karmali River.

This mountain is at the center of the Buddhism universe. Walking around the mountain is a popular ceremony despite the length and difficult terrain. According to the sayings of Buddhism, one circle around the mountain can atone for all the sins committed throughout one’s lifetime. Completing ten circles will prevent eternal damnation of hell’s tribulation in one’s reincarnation of 500 years. Completing one hundred circles will make a person one with Buddha. While walking, Buddhist follows clockwise while Bonist proceeds in a counter-clockwise direction. In the horse year, when Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, is said to be born, worshippers get credit for 13 circles for everyone completed. Naturally, these years draw the largest number of visitors. (Tips: One circle around the mountain is 52 Km (32.31 miles long and takes about 3 days.) The close surroundings at the base of the divine mountain is seen as sacred ground where the «stones pray».

mont-kailash-L-2Some texts say that iKaliash could really be Shambhala and the sacred spiritual center of the world. It is said that Ishua (Jesus) spent a few years in the Himalayas where he reached the apex of spirituality. He would have spent many hours in meditation, readying himself for his return to Israël. He would also have spent some time in different Buddhist monastery in the region of the Himalayas to understand the Buddha`s wisdom.

Adding to this that 4 of the greatest rivers of Asia start in this region; the Bhramapoutre, the Karnali, the Indus and the Sutlej from the four cardinal points and this may show you the symbolic importance of the region. Many yogis see there the crown chakra of the world, the top of the head. Only those of us who can maintain a high level of consciousness can reside around the Kailash.

The Kailash would not be happy to simply be routed there; it would be alive and teaching those who have ears to hear…  In India, in everyone`s mind, the mountain has a soul and is the guardian of spiritual secrets. Sadhguru, a well known Indian master, affirms that the mountain is the greatest mystical library in the world and that the deepest spiritual precepts are store there in energy form deposited there for thousands of years by yogis, mystics and realized beings. It is for that reason that I feel an inexplicable energy flow within me that some extraordinary things are about to happen with the arrival of this skull and its emanation.

eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3_1398343592Throughout history, valleys and grottos of the Kailash have received many visitors; Hermits, Indian and Tibetan Yogis like the legendary Milarépa.. Today it is natural to meet some Sadhus(itinerant Hindus Hermits) spending the summer months in the region having walked through the Himalayas mountains. Barefoot and barely covered they like to come and practice their abstinence (privation to attain spiritual perfection) here before making their way to the warm plains of the Indian sub-continent.  Numerous Indians Yogis are still using the grottos and some neighbourhood shelters on top of the 4 destroyed monasteries following the Cultural Revolution who have been slowly restored thanks to unknown donors from around the world just like me as I have a deep respect for the Tibetan people who suffered much and still do. That is what allowed me to make the acquaintance of a very extraordinary monk, a true holy man through whom I was able to inherit this sacred skull so full of vibrations.  It came to me as a welcome surprise and with much gratitude to Life who does things so well…

Even though we live in a modern world, the mount Kailash is a place of dreams, a fantasy… Some surprising theories have appeared in the last decades; for some, the mount Kailash could be a huge pyramid hiding a large monastic city, for others, a very secret Ovni base and for many others, the door to Shambala and the mysterious region of Agartha. Today, just like long ago, Mount Kailash remains a place of wonder! People come from Lhassa and Katmando, 2 very sacred towns.

Something strange…. the four faces of mount Kailash are created with Lapis-Lazuli, ruby, crystal and gold.

Mount Kailash is the axis of the Earth and maintains the atmosphere to keep all living creatures alive. Evermore, the site is in synch with all the other ancient sites in the world and the Poles of the Earth. It is situated at the exact distance of 6666 kilometers of Stonehenge.

4e732ced3463d06de0ca9a15b6153677_1398344374Around the sacred Mount Kailash, time is not the same…. Everything is accelerated, which is not seen anywhere else on the planet.  Pilgrims have reported that hair and nails would grow rapidly in the space of 12 hours, which would be like 2 weeks in normal conditions.

It seems that the Sun God wishes to pay homage to the God Shiva everyday; at sunset, the shadow falling on the rocks seen from the south the vertical ice trough and horizontal rock formation combine as the Buddhist symbol, a huge Swastika cross, which represents the eternal power of Buddha. .

One of the ideas that the Russians have put forward is that Mount Kailash could have been a huge pyramid constructed by a «civilization» and could be the center of smaller pyramids totalling a hundred in total and that this complex could even be at the center of a worldwide system where multiple paranormal phenomenon have been observed.  The idea of a pyramid in that region is not new; it goes back to the time of Ramayana between the 3rd century before and after J.-C..

Whatever it may be, as of now…. I feel that this is the New Dawn of a wonderful story of Light for our souls, a story of Love, of Peace, of Healing, of Transformation and Elevation of Consciousness that begins with the arrival, the presence of this new skull in my life and of all the people who will witness it personally…


Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä 001

It is now time to introduce you to the skull which has been placed in my hands for safekeeping…  Skull’s name is < Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä> meaning in Sanskrit: Shaman Patron of Healing.

The skull is of Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, also called tantric Buddhism. He belongs to the way of the diamante and of unity. It is a ceremonial skull. According to the monk who sent it to me, it dates back to the 14th or 15th century after Christ.

On its head is found 5 silver Dhyani Buddha’s placed with marked precision starting from the center and then clockwise…  Each Dhyani Buddha is associated to certain attributes and symbols. In Vajrayana Buddhism, the Five Dhyani Buddhas, also known as the Five Wisdom Tathagatas, the Five Great Buddhas and the Five Jinas(Sanskrit for <conqueror> or <victor> are representations of the five qualities of the Buddha serving as antidote to the 5 mortal poisons that constitute the ultimate danger for the spiritual evolution of man keeping him tied to this present existence. Buddhist teaches that these 5 Buddhas are able to transmute the 5 poisons in their transcending wisdom. The Tibetan Book of the Dead suggests meditating on the Dhyani Buddha’s so that their wisdom may replace the negative forces in ourselves that we may have tolerated.

The five Dhyani Buddha are celestial Buddha visualised during meditation. The word Dhyani is a Sanskrit word meaning meditation. The five Dhyani Buddha’s also called Jinas or winners are considered great healers of the mind and of the soul. They are not historical figures like Gautama Buddha, but transcendent beings symbolising principles or divine and universal forces. They represent diverse aspects of an awakened consciousness and are guides for Spiritual transformation.

Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä 004

In the center… Vairocana – the white Buddha

The White Buddha is sitting at the center and is considered a Primordial Buddha. He is wearing monastic like robes but richly embroidered as he is elevated to an archetype level. His hairs are short, black and curled.  His ears have long lobes. There is sometime a slight elevation at the centre of the crown and between his eyebrows is a brilliant white hair curl. He is colored white to symbolize a pure consciousness.

Vairocana is of a brilliant white, as a pure and bright white light.  In the Tantra, the white is the corlor of the Absolute and the color of the Center. The name Vairocana means <<He who is like the Sun>> or <<the radiating one>> Vairocana is also called Mahavairocana or the <<Great Illuminator>>. Vairocana’s wisdom is also referred to as the All-Prevading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya, the absolute Buddha nature.

In Japan, where the cult of Vairocana spread to, he is well known under the name of the <<Sun Buddha>>; he is like the sun of the spiritual world. Vairocana’s symbol is the Dharmachakra, the wheel of the Teaching. It denotes the teaching of the Buddha. Its eight spokes represent the Noble Eightfold Path which the Buddha is sometime holding against his chest.

Vairocana also has a particular animal, a lion, who is also associated with the proclamation of the Truth. In the Buddhist writings, the voice of the Buddha is often called <<the lion’s roar>>.  The lion roars at night in the jungle, without fearing any other animals. The other animals are scared to make any sounds fearing an attack from their enemies. The lion roars, according to the legend and the myth, to proclaim his superiority over the whole jungle. The proclamation, without fear, of the truth proclaimed by the Buddha of his kingship over the whole of the spiritual universe, is then compared to a roaring lion.


In the South is Ratnasambhava – The young Buddha

The young Buddha is at the south quarter of the mandala. His name means the Jewel – Born One or Origin of jewels. (The Three Jewels are the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. The Buddha is the Enlightened One, the Guru, the hub of the wheel of the Law. The Dharma is the Teaching, or the Law, and the Sangha is the Community.)

His emblem is naturally a jewel. (Ratnasambhava is sometimes shown holding his symbol, the ratna (jewel) or chintamani (wish-fulfilling jewel that grants all right desires). 

He is usually coloured yellow or gold. He is associated with the element earth, the heavenly quarter of the south and the season of spring. His cardinal direction is the south. His buddha field is known as Śrimat.

Ratnasambhava’s animal is the horse, denoting impetus and liberation, which is associated to the instant where the historic Buddha left at night, on a horse, accompanied by his only trusty conductor.

In Buddhist’s symbolism the horse is the incarnation of speed and energy, and in a special way, of the prana energy or breath of Life. In Tibetan Buddhist art, we often see the galloping horse having 3 jewels on his back .  we often see the galloping horse having 3 jewels on his back.

It suggests that it is only through concentration and pointing all our energies in the right direction that we may attain Enlightement.


In the West  Amitabha – The Red Buddha

The Red Buddha occupies the West corner of the mandala. “Amitabha” means “infinite light.” He is the Buddha of the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss. Amitābha is also called « The Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light ».

His emblem is the Lotus flower which signifies spiritual renewal and progression.

The animal, or Amitabha’s bird, is the peacock, the most splendid animal there is. The reason for the choice of this animal is not well known, but various explanations were put forth. Because of the eyes in his feathers, the peacock is sometime associated with consciousness although it does not really seem appropriate in this instance. It could also be because peacock eat serpents, even the poisonous ones; which suggests an immunity to poison, to stains.  Peacock feathers are often used in tantric rituals. They are layed, like flowers, in a vase filled with consecrated water.


In the North… Amoghasiddhi – the dark green Buddha

The green Buddha occupies the north quarter of the mandala. His name means He Whose Accomplishment Is Not In Vain.

In the Bardo Thodol — the « Tibetan Book of the Dead » — Amoghasiddhi Buddha appears to represent the accomplishment of all action. He holds a crossed vajra, also called a double dorje, representing accomplishment and fulfillment in all directions. He radiates a green light, which is the light of accomplishing wisdom.  Meditation on Amoghasiddhi Buddha vanquishes envy and jealousy. In this image his hand gesture is the mudra of fearlessness.  The animal or creature of Amoghasiddhi is the <<Man Bird >> a fabulous hybrid creature that is human from the waist up with legs and wings of a bird.


In the East… Aksobhya – the dark blue Buddha

The deep blue Buddha occupies the east quarter of the mandala. His deep blue color is that of a midnight sky in the tropics.  His name means « Immovable One ».  His animal is the elephant, the greatest and the strongest of all land animals; toppling an elephant is not something easy! According to tradition, the elephant is also the wisest of all animals.

These five Buddhas may have different meanings. They are associated to the five elements and the five directions. They also point that through the mudra what brings forth each life periods and the cult of the Buddha.  First of all they point to the five paths allowing for the transformation of the five illusions in positive attitudes.


The five Dhyani-Buddhas are also often found on the crown on the head of tantric Buddhas, like this:



Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä 002

Symbolism of the Dragons

Dragon – male strength and pride, fertility, ultimate abundance, prosperity, good luck and also the symbol of the emperor. Divine mystical creature, symbolises the natural world with adaptation and transformation capabilities. It is also one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac and the only mystical animal in it.

A pair of dragons – eternity, yin-yang

The (Azure) Dragon is one of the 4 spiritual beings and guardian of the East. The Azure Dragon is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It
represents the east and the spring season

The dragon is one of The Twelve Symbols of Sovereignty. (They are a symbolic interpretation of the universe, these symbols of imperial authority assumed a cosmic significance and represented the emperor as the son of heaven and the ruler of « All under heaven ».
The symbols (their numbers accumulated over the years) appeared on the sacrificial robes (also called dragon robes) of the emperor.)

Even if dragons seem to be mythological animals, they are symbols of the natural world and masters of sea and sky. Divine rain is associated to celestial goodness and fertility.

A dragon symbolizes the power to adapt as they can transform themselves. It also represents power and the highest symbol of good luck in the animal kingdom.


Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä 005

Symbolism of the Vajra

Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. Additionally, it is a weapon which is used as a ritual object to symbolize both the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and a thunderbolt (irresistible) 

A Vajra, also know as Dorje (Tibetan) is without a  doubt a particularly important ritual implement in Tibetan Buddhism. Originally it represents the lightning diamante rod of the god Indra and is a symbol of power and sovereignty.

The term means <<diamant>> and is representative of the indestructible nature of the spirit within us, the awakening, which is imperishable and which cannot be divided.

The small scepter seems to be an object usually are made of bronze, vary in size and have three, five or nine spokes that usually close at each end in lotus shape. The number of spokes and the way they come together, or not, at the ends have numerous symbolic meanings. In Tibetan ritual, the vajra often is used together with a bell. The Vajra is held in the left hand and represents the male principle, upaya, action or means. The bell is held in the right hand and represents the female principle, prajna, wisdom.A double dorje, or vishvavajra, are two dorjes connected to form a cross. A double dorje represents the foundation of the physical world and is also associated with certain tantric deities.

It represents fundamental energy, compassion, the indestructible nature of the awakening and the road to Enlightenment.

It is associated with the incorruptible purity of the diamond and in such considered like an object of purification.

Here is the detailed symbolism of the Vajra:

Wisdom like a Mirror; meaning that an enlighten spirit, just like a perfectly polished mirror, reflect all things with precision, has the ability to know everything without confusion.

The Wisdom of Equality; recognizes that all phenomenon of the samsara (conditioned existence into which beings are reborn. Although sometimes they are described as « real » places, more often these days they are appreciated as allegories. ) and of nirvana (Pure fields of paradise in Buddhism; the earliest and most common term used to describe the goal of the Buddhist path.  The literal meaning is « blowing out » or « quenching. It is the ultimate spiritual goal in Buddhism and marks the stereological release from rebirths in saṃsara) are of an even nature, in the sense that they are each doted of a very unique nature; vacuity.

The Wisdom of Distinction; denotes that the enlightened spirit does not only perceive the vacuity of all phenomenon (what wisdom perceives of equality) but also, alternatively and without confusion, understands all phenomenon just as they are manifested.

The Voice of Wisdom; gives leave to Buddhas to create pure spaces and emanations working for the good of all beings.

The Wisdom of Universal Space (Dharmadatou); which indicates that all phenomenons, above and beyond all concepts and duality, reside in the true knowledge of the spirit.


Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä 006

Symbolism of the Red and Green stones and of Silver.


Red: Traditional nuptial color, expansive, flowering, dynamic, enthusiastic, reaching upward, good luck, celebration, happiness, joy, vitality, long life, violet and red bring about chance and glory, money, gratitude, decorum, creativity and joy in term of increasing excitement.

Five elements: Fire

Direction:  South

Season: Summer

Condition: Heat

Energy: Expansive

Phase: Full Yang

Development: Flowering time

Planet: Mars

Winged animal: Chicken

Celestial creature: Vermillion Bird (Red) Faisan

Fruit: Apricot

Grains: Beans

Action: Sight

Senses: Touch

Sound: Laughter

Odor: Burning

Taste: Bitter

Trigram Bagua: Li


Green: More and more, generation, germination, effort, refreshing, equilibrium, calming, healing, car insurance, foundation, kindness, health, harmony, sensibility, and patience against rage.

Five Elements: Wood

Direction: East

Season: Spring

Condition: Wind and rain

Energy: Generative

Phase: New Yang

Development: Generative

Planet: Jupiter

Animals: up to scale, the dragon in particular

Celestial Creature: Azure green, of the Dragon

Fruit: Prune

Grain: Wheat

Action: Face

Senses: Sight

Sound: Calling

Odor: Rancid

Taste: Bittersweet

Trigram Bagua: Xun – Sun – Zhen


Silver: metal (wealth, salary), reliability, romance

Silver is representative of the feminine and by extension, of transparency, psychic, soul and the internal world. In the correlations of metal and planets, silver is in liaison with the moon. He belongs to the symbolic chain of moon-water, feminine principle. In opposition to gold who is an active principle, male, solar and warm, silver is a passive principle, feminine, lunar, cold. White and luminous, silver symbolize also purity. <<He is Pure Light just like the light received and transmitted through the transparency of crystal, in the limpidity of water, the reflection of a mirror, the sparkling of a diamond; he resembles the clearness of consciousness, of pure intentions, of truth, of right action, silver brings back the fidelity that follows >>


Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä 003

Symbolism of the 36 silver skulls


  • Age of the Buddha – Gautama- when he found himself in one of his ecstatic moments
  • In Buddhism, Dîpamkara is a legendary Buddha who lived long, long ago. He is considered as one of the most important ancestor of the Shakyamuni Buddha.  He symbolises the reunification of the ancient Buddhas and is represented, mostly in China, beside Shakyamuni and the Matraya, in the group of the generation of Buddhas 3 times removed. According to tradition, he was at least 80 aunes high, his suite counted 84,000 Arhat and he lived 100,000 years. The stupa who contains his remains, his reliquary, measures 36 Yojana. Many legends surround the story of his life.
  • The K”ou-ch”ih is a health exercise which consists in chattering ones teeth 36 times by bringing the upper teeth to the lower teeth. It is to be executed at the start of most breathing exercises and other hygienic exercises.
  • According to the Taoism, the universe (macrocosm) is home for 36,000 gods, also represented in the inside of the human organism.
  • The Chinese astrology counts 36 beneficial stars and 72 malefic stars and their total constitute the sacred number 108.
  • 36 also benefits with protection, important supports and of some luck. In certain instances, success can appear after having passed through a period of doubt and uncertainty.
  • 36 is the number of cosmic solidarity, of the meeting of the elements and of cyclical evolutions. The offshoots of this number are manifested in the triade; heaven, earth and man.
  • 360 is the division of the circle and that of the Lunar year. It is the Grand Total in Chinese culture and the divine Year of the Indus. (The movement of precession of the equinox is of 1e every 7 years, that of the polar cycle is of 1e every 60 years; both cycles meet together every 360 years (6×60=72×5) Most of the cosmic cycles are multiples of 360.
  • 36 is Heaven’s number.  72 is Earth’s number.  108 is Man’s number. And we now have the importance of the number 108.


Number 108

Why is 108 a sacred number in the Buddhist religion? After all, it seems to be just an ordinary number. But, this number is not only sacred for Buddhists but also for the Hindus, the Sikhs, and the Jains.  The three composing numbers are full of strong symbolism.

The number <1> represents unity as it does in many other beliefs. The <0> represents vacuity. The number <8> is the symbol for infinity, endlessness. That is why this number represents the ultimate reality of the universe, the All.


Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä 007

Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä ( Shaman Patron of Healing) is a ceremonial quartz crystal skull decorated in a Buddhist monastery.  Many of those who have been in contact with crystal skulls think that they have an otherworldly and dimensional origin and that they might have been used by ancients civilization to maintain contact with beings that came from the stars and the human race.

People who get to manipulate or touch the skulls have varied experiences. Some may have received miraculous healing, information, visions of other worlds, hear unknown sounds, and increasing psychic capabilities.


The crystal skulls are used to awaken consciousness and speeding up healing and growth in all levels.

The Tibetan Buddhist monks have used this crystal skull for healing and divination.  Healers and Oracles were housed in monasteries and were responsible to detect the problems or afflictions of their surrounding communities.

The monk who sent me this special skull suspects that this particular one is reputed to facilitate access to the Akashi records.


Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä (Shaman Patron of Healing) weights almost 12 pounds, so nearly 5 kg, and is a vessel for compassion and love energies. It is a true crystal skull which was once used by Tibetan Monks and viewed as a sacred relic. An emanation of an extraordinary and powerful gift is felt and feels as if it is humanity’s universal servant that is here to help transform our lives and awaken our being.

20160622_000126The monk who made me guardian of this skull revealed that those who were in its presence experienced infinite love, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, miracles in physical and emotional healings, visions, mystic experiences, Astral travelling, receiving counsel from Buddhas and spiritual masters and experiencing Light diffusion and  Great Nothingness to help them to let go and experience liberations an deliverance.

Near this skull you will receive what your need to receive personally and this might transform radically your existence. Very strong possibilities are activated near this sacred relic that vibrates at a level much higher we can imagine…

People are asking me for the age of this relic but, for me, its age loses importance as it is what is before me and what it will accomplish for those who will approach it and receive the benefits of transformation and elevation of consciousness in a wave of love and peace.

Since it entered my home, much is being transformed… And, all started the evening before it arrived through the mail…. I was taking pictures of two of my skulls outside, near the pond and near the statue of the Buddha under the trees. The photograph taken were weird, on them appeared fog and light rays and even one of the skull appeared

violet on one of the pictures and they seem to have halos…. At the eve of that same day a Virginia Buck came to spend at least 15 minutes around the pond seeming to collect the present energy… This day was out of the ordinary…. The very next day, I was collecting my new skull with all the details surrounding it…  And, here at home, projects were suddenly freed to go ahead and we could only be surprised at the timing of the skull’s arrival. The facts are there!

I now know for certain that we were meant to work together. I had in the past made a request energetically for such a skull to enable me to realize my true Light Work. He will allow me to facilitate for myself and for others who will come close to it, a renewal and help us in our true spiritual mission…

20160621_235927I feel true joy at the sight of it, at the feel of it, at staring and being stared back by it with such a soft look emanating such a deep love for man.  My wish is that it may serve humanity … I am mystified by the soft look coming from his eyes and can experience the love of a mother, a guide, a love out of the ordinary that cannot be put into words.  I am sure that he is preparing some grand and beautiful things, I can feel it, I know it and it fills me with great joy.

To my amazement and in only a few hours, time and my consciousness has been elevated and I have experienced deep love and a travel into the Great –Nothingness full of peace and Light as he transmits his knowledge to me. Every night, I sit in front of the skull that is placed on a light platform that transforms its color as he takes me into an ultimate reality to meet the true nature of all infinite phenomenons related to the Light with love and happiness.  He is here to enlighten our consciousness and I understand as I write these lines, that the divine consciousness needed me to look deeper into the crystal skull as though something special was waiting for me. But what?

In such a short time he has become very precious for me, you just cannot imagine it! He even seems to smile at me , looks deep into me while waiting for me to understand what is to come… The monk let me be known that :<< Time had come for the skull to find his way to you, now that you are ready for it. There is a special connection through past lives between you and Rakshak Jädügara Cikitsä. You have both worked together during many lives.  You must have initially requested his presence thousands of years ago so as to accomplish your mission in this very lifetime. It belongs to you and calls to you at each reincarnation to help you in your spiritual missions. >>

I now look at my life differently… I perceive the way behind me but know that from now on I am walking straight through in this New Dawn which started with this new arrival.

20160621_235907I do not know what everything means but I know that I have just come to the Doorway of the Cosmic Consciousness like it never happened up to now.  My heart is rejoicing with the knowledge that a whole new road has just opened.  This is why I suggest that you honor your experiences without ever comparing yourself to others whenever you come into contact with the skull. It will bring you what you need at the time to transform your life in a radical way.  The only possible thing to do is to enjoy the trip and of the time spent near it.  So, come as you are and accept to life the experience of your own truth, your own Sacred Nature.  No need to believe, only to be open to infinite possibilities.  The rest will come to you and will allow you to awaken to our Cosmic Consciousness and of your Divine Presence.  Once that the participants are aligned with the frequencies of the crystal skull, the rest becomes a powerful and automatic process that is unique and personal.  The rest can only be experienced in your Totality!

A magnificent voyage is offered to me and to all those who will come into contact with the skull.  A beautiful adventure and I am honored to have received such a wonderful and divine present that opened to a part of my sacred mission, travelling in this loving path, one of peace, of healing and of illumination by myself and with all others together in this Universality.

I thank you for reading my story and I hope that it might have touched your heart and your soul.

I Us Love and I tell you…




Hello to my friends from here and elsewhere,

I created this Facebook group GUARDIANS OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS because it’s a passion that I saw from the mid 90′.  We are more than 2000 members.  The group is bilingual, French and English in all countries.

On the planet, we are many people to live the interest of crystal skulls. The skulls are ancient or contemporary from here or from elsewhere and there is a little something who awakens in us strange perceptions when we are near them.

Become the Gardians of the Crystal Skulls, our crystalline family, she’s there to open our Gates on unsuspected worlds in a waking consciousness.

Welcome my new friends and I hope to see you there to share from all regions of our beautiful Mother-earth…

By meditations or our shares that this group allows us to grow and evolve to live the universality.

God Bless you, and let us continue to dialogue to find ways to help each other for the benefit of Mother Earth and all life upon her.

You are welcome…

Peace & Light always



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