To begin your meditation you must first decide where in your house is the most suitable room for your session. Then find a comfortable spot to sit or lay down.  Father along I shall explain how to hold or place your crystal skull that you will use for meditation.

Now is the time to visualize in your mind an antenna that you place in the center of your chosen room. Once again this antenna (imaginary or invisible) will become the way for you to tap into the ethheric network of the crystal skull to receive your skull’s vibration frequencies. Since you are new at this kind of meditation, imagine an energy beam pulling at the top and bottom of your antenna reaching to infinity.

For those of you owning a crystal skull to work with during meditation, this is how you can proceed…

il_570xN.922168275_efu1Hold your crystal skull between your hands in a way that is the most comfortable for you. It is important that the eyes of the skull be facing forward away from you in the same way as you with your closed eyes. (Please note that each time you meditate you may change the position of your skull from your hands to your knees if you are sitting up or if you were to lie down you could also pose it besides you or on a part of your body.)

We recommend that you listen to peaceful spa music and, if possible, using a head set or ear buds to help you tone out unwanted background noises that could distract you.  We have noted the benefits of music with meditation as it can amplify the present energy and your experiences as time goes by.

Now take a minute or two (even before starting your meditation) to relax and do breathing exercises to help calm and free you from the day’s tension and anxiety.

IMG_9468At this stage you are ready to enter into the active part of the meditation.

First of all, perceive a beam of Light (whatever color comes to you) emanating from the antenna touching your crystal skull at the 3rd eye level.

Feel the energy starting to build up and fill your crystal skull.  When ready, the skull will emit and transfer toward you a loving and calming energy that, after a time, you shall be able to experience and live in the deepest part of yourself until it reaches every part of your body. (If you want, you can visualize the color pink coming from the antenna as it is the color of love and is very soothing).

After some time (you will feel just when that time is right), this powerful energy received from the crystal skull will start to expand and disperse all around you.  See or feel this loving energy fill your whole room then, after a minute or two, visualize this energy reaching beyond it and filling your whole house.  Once again this loving and peaceful energy (which may have a different color) will take expansion and fill your whole town through your visualization of it.

healing sit

Once again, after a minute or two, this projection may expand to cover a section of your province, your whole province and your whole country if you can visualize it……..

Finally, see it cover up the whole planet with a loving and healing energy touching every living being on our beautiful Mother Earth, even plants and animals……….

love-mother-earthAs you go through the steps, do not feel rushed, take all the time you need to create your visualization and at this point in time it would be nice to take a few minutes and stay with the vision of the Earth surrounded with this energy of Love…  Then, just before you are ready to return to your physical body, chose a place on Earth that calls to you, where there may be much agitation or confusion and send it a beam of Light filled with loving energy……….

Once that is done, start returning into your physical body by reversing your journey back to earth, your country, your province, your town, your room…….

Your body and, once back in your body, you may want to take some deep breaths to help you take position in your room and in your body.  Feel your feet touching the ground and anchor yourself before opening your eyes…….


Have a good meditation my friends.


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Guardians on The Crystal Skulls


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  1. Christine dit :

    Hello, Your skulls are beautiful. I am amazed at the pictures and the energy they project on film. I am learning from your website, at least the parts in English 🙂 I do have a question, I am getting a small family of skulls soon in the mail on the way here to my home in the US; I am so excited. I have read up as much as I could find, but I want to be sure I treat them with a warm welcome. I have already dreamt about them, seen them in meditation; they have guided me here to your site and to a lot of information I needed at this time regarding my spiritual studies, so I know they are meant. My question is do I have to activate them. I know a couple are awake seeing them as I have said, before I have even received them. Some websites suggest activating them. I am not sure what to do except to meditate with them and use your suggestions as well. Do I program them in any way? If I do have to activate them what do I do? Thank you kindly, Christine

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