Greetings to you my friends, on the day following the 9:9:9 which is the 18th of September 2016, Life handed me a marvelous present. From Mount Kailash in the Himalayas, a holy man, a Tibetan monk and now my friend, has bequeathed me VAJRAPANI, a Majestic and Ancient Cristal Skull.  It took 3 long months before the skull finally arrived at my door… Quite a journey with the fear that it might never get here but, after 3 months and on the day following the 9:9:9, it has safely arrived to meet his large Crystalline Family.

Regarding Mount Kailash and the importance of this most High and Sacred Site, the 7th planetary chakra, you can click on the following link to gain its importance, what it emanates…


Now here is everything that Vajrapani represents, his emanation, his strength, his destiny and the work he is destined to accomplish in the center of this New Planetary Consciousness opening to us… Great and beautiful reading and hoping that one day you may be granted to meet the Crystal Skull Vajrapani called the Protector. May he transform your life just as he has transformed mine today…

Vajrapani mantra

Om Vajrapani Hum

vajrapani-002The Vajrapani Mantra is in a very simple way the name of the skull, which means <<Lightning Carrier>>, surrounded by the mystic syllables of OM and HUM. This mantra helps us to access the irrepressible energy that Vajrapani symbolises.  Becoming more acquainted with Vajrapani can but help and transform you; already the sound of the Mantra is in itself quite energetic.

It is recommended to recite this Vajrapani Mantra for personal protection. This mantra purifies and destroys the negative celestial forces, Hayagriva, the negative earthly planes forces, and Garuda, the underground negative forces—the three aspects of each being: mind, voice and body.

Vajrapani is a Bodhisattva which represents the energy of an enlighten mind, and its mantra symbolises also quality. As the protector of the tantric knowledge, Vajrapani is also called <<God of Secrets>>.


Vajrapani is a member, with Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri, of the Bodhisattvas trinity known under the name … family of the three protectors.

Vajrapani also has mythic Indra roots; the Indian “Thunder God”. It also has ties to Zeus and Jupiter, who, with Indra, are all variables of the lightning rod Sky-God. (<<DYAUS>> is sanskrit for << sky>> and Indra is also known under the name <<Indra Dyaus>>. <<Zeus>> is the greek form of Dyaus. Jupiter is <<Dyaus-Piter>> or <<Father of the Sky>>.)


Vajrapani vibrates under the influence of JUPITER and allows us to facilitate a mobilisation and expansion of the force; improves independence, openings and trust, improves vitality, optimism and enthusiasm, improves the desire to seek growth, gain a desire and seek out new experiences, improves the capacity of becoming more sociable and abundant, improves the capacity to mutually share our gifts and wealth in the world, improves the desire and capacity to attain a greater physical state of being, strong and with coordination with fluidity of movements, improves taste and appreciation for elegance and abundance and becoming more interesting filled with love and good spirits.

That is the reason why I play the Mantra Vajrapani together with the sounds taped from the space probe VOYAGER coming from the planet Jupiter. It is powerful and filled with vibrations…

I include here the mantra OM VAJRAPANI HUM so that you may listen to it as you wish…

Before listening the mantra, you can turn off the music player at the bottom of the page to the left.  Thank you


vajraVajra, in Tibetan called Dorje is certainly the most important symbol of the Tibetan Buddhism. The term signifies “Diamond” and represents the indestructible nature of the spirit in us, the awakening, which is at the same time imperishable and indivisible. The small scepter seems to be, originally, the diamond lightning of the god Indra; it is a mark of kingship and power.

When associated with the bell, the varja symbolises skillful means and compassion, while the bell represents knowledge and vacuity. Holding both together indicate unity of knowledge and skills.

Here is the symbolism of the Vajra in details:

1] The five superior points represent the five wisdoms, the five facets of a diamond that is an awakened spirit.

A wisdom similar to a mirror, which signifies that, just like a perfectly polished mirror, an awakened spirit reflects all things clearly, and has the capacity of knowing all, without confusion.

The wisdom of equality; which recognises that all phenomenons of the ordinary world [samsara] and of the Buddhist paradise [nirvana] are of equal nature in the sense that they are made of the same and unique essence of vacuity.

The wisdom in distinguishing that an awakened spirit perceives not only the vacuity of all phenomena [that which operates the wisdom of equality] but also, in a simultaneity without confusion, all phenomenon just as they are manifested.

The fulfilling wisdom allows the Buddhas to create pure fields and emanations working for the people’s benefits.

The wisdom of universal space [sct. Dharmadatou] indicates that all phenomenons, far beyond all concept and duality, reside in the pure knowledge of the spirit.

2] At the same time as the five wisdoms, these 5 superior points symbolises the Five Conquerors or the five main male Buddhas on a mystic plane. The five inferior points symbolises the five female Buddhas.

3]The mouths of a makara, sea monster, where the points emerges, symbolizes the liberation of the cycle of existence.

4] The eight uppermost petals represent the eight male bodhisattvas residing in the celestial realms.

5] The eight inferior petals represent the eight female bodhisattvas.

6] The round part in the center refers to the vacuity.



The Bodhisattva Vajrapani and what it represents

vajrapani3Vajrapani is, with Avalokteshvara and Manjushri, member of the Trinity of Bodhisattvas known under the name of the family of the three protectors. The family of Buddha Vajrapani who is the protector is part of the Vajra family [lightning], which includes Akshobya(the matriarch of the Vajra family) and Yamantaka.

Vajrapani(Title of Thunderbolt) represents the energy of an awakened spirit and of the fractured energy of illusions. He seems to dance in a halo of flames, which represent the power of transformation of an awakening. He is the one holding a vajra[lightning] in his right hand, which signifies his power to cut through the darkness of illusion.

Vajrapani is looking wrathful, representation of an awakened spirit, totally exempt of hate. His three eyes represent his capacity of understanding the past, the present and the future. He is standing with a warrior’s pose to denote his strength and determination.

Vajrapani does not seem, to the newcomers to Buddhism, to have the look of a Buddhist. He is a Bodhisattva who represents the energy of an awakened spirit, and his mantra also symbolises  qualities to daily strive for. In spite of his appearance, Vajrapani is a figure of deep compassion.

This is where Vajrapani comes into play. He will not seduce us to an easy life with its beauty. He is there to help us trace our way through difficult and unhealthy habits and psychological snares. He is like a deep breath, this force which crosses the stagnation of a dull mind. He is like an ayurvedique, Trikatu [black pepper+Long Indian pepper+dry ginger] formula who awakens the power of our metabolism cutting through the cold and humid stagnating toxins which keeps us lethargic and sleepy. He becomes the interior breath slicing through the stagnation paralysing the energetic channels. Vajrapani is a brut face of the enlightened reality which can dissolve all the crystalline and prejudiced polarities that keep us prisoners and keep us from moving forward to open our heart. Something really profound in me resonates with this knowledge.



Vajrapani- The practical reality ultimate Vajra

In the unification of the three highest aspects – compassion (Avalokiteshvara), wisdom(Manjushri) and power – Vajrapani is a pure source of power, the ultimate energy of an awakened mind and the union of the three qualities.

Vajrapani transforms hate into wisdom, and this karmic body, with its neurotic disorder of entanglements, in Vajra Consciousness far beyond any concepts.

Indestructible and invincible, he is the champion Vajra who subjugates all the interior and exterior demons, be them imagined, karmic or real or any other possible combination of those from which may arise situations or presences becoming obstacles.

With the mantra Vajrapani, we find right there the strength to conquer the mess and the obstacles of day to day living, and, we create a fast road towards joy and liberty.

Vajrapani is a noble friend and a noble adversary, and he never loses his posture.


In other words, Samadhi which means the Concentration or Contemplation with the mantra Vajrapani is the warranty of being in measure to accomplish some transformations in all situations, to be present and confront all other energies, and to live the control of oneself with kindness and respect, always acting for the best. Vajrapani unites the body with the spirit instantly in the automation completeness spontaneous with a power Varja without limit, and from then on, all the blockages and problems are broken and all the good qualities are free to grow and become activated.

No negativity can find a place in front of Vajrapani and his conquest of all negative states and aspects is fierce and implacable, and his understanding and methods are unlimited. In short, he breaks something with the goal of totally creating happiness and success in all things.


Its power is felt in a very powerful way by those who lack the courage and the strength, who cannot act and are helpless, for they speedily reach another caliber of life, and a destiny they had thought lost to them, or, maybe a true destiny never before imagined. And, those who previously felt strong enough, can find that they are truly stronger that they could have ever imagined, nobler that they could have ever dreamed of. The power of Vajrapani make differences disappear amongst people, their destiny, he evens up the power by himself using all kind of manners, with kindness, in all directions, amplifying activity and stability, work and dreams, a greater opening of the minds and a call for the wellbeing of all beings.

Vajrapani frees the body Vajra with the intuitive and intrepid power, which is the right of everyone, smashes what is bad for the mental and physical wellbeing, for the destruction of the dysfunction of consciousness and the physical sickness through the strength of great compassion and in an enlightened and infinite awakened and courageous energy of the spirit.

The Power of Vajrapani is the face of a stark reality able to banish all inside demons, granting free progress on the road of spirituality and for peaceful relationships with all beings from here or from somewhere else.


Vajrapani is decorated with many stones like the Tibetan Turquoise.  The Turquoise is the stone which connects the physical being with the superior spheres of existence. It also helps us to better understand ourselves and, in so doing, helps us to better control our thoughts and actions so as to better bear fruit in our reality.  For this, you only need to tend a listening ear to this stone and be ready to hear what she has to teach you about yourself. It is only under that condition that you candiscover your true potential.  Tibet is one of the main regions where you can find turquoise on earth.

Venerated by the Amerindians who consider it as a sacred stone, the Turquoise eliminates the negative waves by converting them into positive ones.  It also creates a symbiosis with the cosmos. The true signification of the turquoise is directly connected to the heart and mind of the person who uses it.

Vajrapani is also decorated with Red Jasper from India. The Red Jasper is also called the “Supreme Protector”.  The stone translates the connection of man to the Earth’s energy.  It is a stone made to anchor, to act and take initiative.  To work it must be worn for a long time as it is a stone which acts gently in the course of time. It is an ideal stone for those working to concretize a project.

Vajrapani is also decorated with green Aventurines from China, the name coming from the Italian language “aventura” which signifies “adventure”. This stone was very much appreciated in ancient China. The Chinese people used to call it the “Imperial stone Yù”.  They used to wear it as a talisman to bring them vitality.  The Aventurine has long been use in sculpture and for healing. The Tibetans used it to increase their perception and improve their sight(3rd eye).  For the Celts it was a symbol of knowledge and spiritual revelation.

On a physical level, the Aventurine promotes a healthy circulation bringing forth physical vitality. The Aventurine facilitates cell renewal in particular after an accident or sickness. She can also help fight insomnia related to stress and cure infantile sickness, and, worn at stomach level, can help calm morning sickness for pregnant women.

On an emotional level, the Aventurine is related to the heart chakra, a zone reinforced by sentiments of solitude and sadness.  The Aventurine also helps to enjoy again equilibrium and stability on an emotional level by soothing the negative emotions and bringing the warmth of love. It helps to live through heartache and reduces melancholy.

On a spiritual level, the Aventurine brings a balance to the heart chakra’s energies. Placed on the 3rd eye or the crown chakra, it intensifies the connection with the Emissaries of Light. The Aventurine allows us to maintain stability in moments of transformation and open-mindedness.

In the house, the Aventurine promotes calm and harmony so that every resident can find his\her place. It is also a stone which absorbs electromagnetic waves from your computer or I-phones. It is also good for plants and helps them grow; you only need to place an Aventurine in the pot or to prepare an Aventurine elixir to water the plants. [For this, you only need to place an Aventurine in distilled water and place it under the sun for 5 to 6 hours.]

Vajrapani is also decorated with Garnet from India. Linked with the Primordial Fire, the Garnet brings and strengthens our contact with the Vital Energy and Creation. It helps to transform day to day hardships into loving experiences. It is often used in therapy to facilitate the recall of past lives memories and or help when doing regression work. A stone of mystery, the Garnet establishes links between dimensions. The stone facilitates an understanding of the mechanism regulating multidimensionality.

The Garnet activates the energy of the adrenal glands without exciting them and strengthens the vital energy system. The stone facilitates courage, strength, vitality and power in action.  The red and almandine Garnet are advisable for therapist to help them recuperate their vital energy. Many therapists in magnetic energy use them during or after their treatments.  It helps them not to “pull” too much from their own energetic supply. The grossular garnet has the same proprieties as the other Garnets and can add an easy association with the energy of the Heart chakra.

Vajrapani is also decorated with other blue stones and their properties as of yet not named but hopefully this will come with time, it is to follow…

So, what are the aspects manifested by the intense power of Vajrapani ?  His unending growth, like his body, covers the whole of the Dharmadhatu, the blue kingdom of reality, who holds the five characteristics or distinct aspects: the body, speech, the mind, qualities and activities of all Buddhas.

It is said that the 1000e and last Buddha will appear in this Eon of chance and that Vajrapani will appear after the 999 Buddhas of this Eon who have left us and Vajrapani has promised to bring us all of the previous 999 Buddha’s teachings.

Strange facts, I received this ancient Tibetan crystal skull the day following the 18th of September 2016 or in numerology 9:9:9… We were in a full geomagnetic storm, here in Quebec, and during the night we experienced a small earthquake near Montreal. Also, unexplainable things are happening since its arrival at my house. They also seem to keep on coming… What else is to come?


The energy of this skull is so powerful that I had to place it outside on the patio to let it breathe, for, when I had it on my desk, I became feverish and sweating, and I just knew that he was responsible for all that… I know that I shall discover many things at his side… He is dignified and radiates just like a Golden Sun…

My Tibetan friend, who bequeathed it to me, let it be known that it dates back to the 14th or 15thcentury but the decorations were added around the 19th century.

Vajrapani is a ceremonial skull who was always known under that name. During my contemplation of it, I can perceive its long long life… A great and Noble Life…  He seems to bear scars and hurts from the numerous battles he must have had.  He is a Great Protector, I can sense it, I can feel it, and I know that I need to offer him a deep and powerful Respect… He brightens my life and what protection I now have at my side!


Vajrapani, this crystal Protector, is holding the Vajra or Dorje on his head just as he carries the representation in his right hand on the effigy on the front of the skull.

Lastly, many things have been said on this subject. The future will let us know….  But here are a few pointers:

–          According to the supreme Origination Tantra of the Vajrapani; if a person pay homage to Vajrapani, he\she may receive more merits than if it had been offered to a great numbers of other Buddhas , as much as the total of the grains of sand found in 92,000,000 river Gange…

–          If someone recites the Mantra, he\she will be protected from all obstacles by Vajrapani. No demon will ever be able to hurt him\her, all sickness will be healed [Those with chronic illnesses will be healed through the repetition of the Vajrapani Mantra], his\her merits will be increased and his\her prosperity amplified and all wishes will be granted.

–           Truly the practice of the Mantra Vajrapani goes far beyond description and nothing bad will come to those who make it part of a daily routine.


So, we must place our faith in Vajrapani and chose him as shelter and refuge.  It will facilitate better accomplishments with fewer obstacles.

As of now…

Let us receive the Best… It is our Right…


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