Me and ma crystal skulls family


As per your request I am placing for your viewing pleasure my collection… no, I would rather say my Crystal Skull Family.  (You may click on the pictures for close-ups)


I have been interested in skulls for a very long time.  The little village of Rennes-le-Château in the l’Aude region of the South of France with its mysteries, curate and treasures, was my corner stone…  Mary Magdalene with a skull at her knees which is sculpted in the front part of the altar of the village`s church.  For me this skull did not represent death but KNOWLEDGE.  The knowledge we can understand in relation to the symbolism of the human skull.

The skull is to be found at the top of the human skeleton.  It is the most imperishable part of the body. It is the location of the Soul, it’s abode, its mode of transportation.  Just as a grotto, cavern, and cairn are homes for the Spirit.  The skull is a receptacle for Life although it also symbolizes physical death through which we must pass to be reborn at a higher spiritual level.

In European and Asiatic legends, a human skull is a counterpart to the celestial vault.  It is a miniature reproduction of a cavern which in itself is a miniature representation of the celestial vault.

The skull, seat of our thoughts, thus of the Supreme Command, is master of the four centers by which the Bambara’s summarize their macrocosmic representation of Man; the other three centers situated below the sternum, at the navel, and sexual organs.  On the altars of Korean initiatory groups, four pottery jars filled with celestial water collected at the first and last day of the year, represent these four centers; the center one representing the skull, contains thunder stones representing the celestial fire, expression of the Spirit and of God’s intelligence, and its microscopic avatar, the human brain, shape of a cosmic egg and like its counterpart, matrix of the Knowledge.

But all this ….  Was only the beginning… A springboard to other things, other worlds, and other Consciousness.

Marie-Madeleine Rennes-le-Château  Philippe-William Sinclair

Already in the 70’s, I was excited to read the Nostradamus journal which was sold in Quebec at that time.  And then, in 1992, I find myself in this small village of the Corbières (mountain range in the South of France) and found myself so in love with the place that I went back year after year and sometimes more than once a year…  It was the start of my journey…  And what a story !


I received my first skull around the beginning of year 2000.  A wonderful gift of life for me as it transported me to new horizons of consciousness.  After I received it and after having inexplicable phenomenal experiences with it…  I just knew that nothing would remain the same ! 

Here it is…  Starchild… L’enfant des Étoiles.

The name came one night that he appeared and was made known to me.

Its reflection is Truly Radiant and its vibrations are Wonder… full.


ANNA MITCHELL-HEDGES  PHILIPPE-WILLIAM SINCLAIRAs from that moment, I found myself propelled towards other avenues that seemed so important that there was no other way but for me to go and explore. Then, a wonderful meeting occurred…  I met Mme Anna Mitchell-Hedges in Kitchener, Ontario.  My life at that moment took a whole new path…  After everything that has been said regarding this skull, it does not matter to me if it is ancient, made by human hands, or came from the stars and brought to earth by a civilization coming from another galaxy.  What I experienced and felt was unexplainable !

Even today, I do not wonder about the skull itself, but well and truly on the visions that I experienced after having touched it and meditated with it.  Visions, faces, colors, sounds, geometrical figures, my hairs on end… For many days, after this wonderful meeting, my subconscious mind was working overtime, with such speed, just like a computer who does not cease to provide information.

I could understand the meaning of the message…  I would be put in touch with more skulls all around the planet and I would myself have to find many skulls to complete the wonderful Crystal Family that I have at the moment.

It was my greatest wish to meet Mrs. Mitchell-Hedges again but it was not to be as, after turning 100 years old, she died on April 11th, 2007.

Today, Mr. Bill Homann is now the guardian of the Mitchell-Hedges’skull. I have tried to contact him without any luck.  But I am now in contact with a very influential person in the world of crystal skulls.  This person has written books on the subject and has produced televised exposes on the subject.  This person has often met with Mr. Bill Homann and might be able to help me in this matter… I just knew that one of these days something was bound to happen !

Since early in the 70’s I have been practicing meditation and the art of contemplation and this has enabled me to better experience the energy of the crystal skulls and to communicate with them.  This is so habit forming that I was able to facilitate the gathering of about 700 skulls on the podium and within the assistance.

Click here to view: WORD WIDE DAY OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS 2015

This proves to you that the crystal skulls did not disappear on December 21st 2012, that it was not only a New Age thing, but that they are even more present today and that it is but a beginning for the New Era just at our doors.  People are experiencing this more and more and are opening themselves to this communication with the crystal skulls.  After all, they do not represent death, but are there to offer us a whole new way of looking at life.

I have experienced some unexplainable phenomenas with my crystal skulls and here are some pictures…


crystal skulls 1 Philippe-William Sinclair

On the picture above you can perceive a strange form emanating from my crystal skull Pacal…

And on the pictures below you can clearly see Orbs seemingly multiplying themselves…

Crystal Skulls 2  Philippe-William Sinclair

Crystal Skulls phenomena  Philippe-William Sinclair

Crystal Skulls strange  Philippe-William Sinclair

Crystal Skulls orbs  Philippe-William Sinclair

The crystal skulls will gain strength to allow us the contacts to come…  For the elevation of our consciousness.  My skulls seem to increase their vibrations more and more…  This signifies that something is approaching and that they are awakening as though they perceive the silent code that will signal the end of their long sleep ?


The Crystal Skulls are pointing toward the work of the astral, the remote intervention, the negotiation and dialogue with the soul for it’s journey towards other dimensional aspects, the adaptation to the new energies of the 5th dimension, and the use of said Crystal Skulls (personal growth, healing, astral connections…)

Atlantis was a civilization who developed their interconnection with the astral world.  This much developed civilization left us a spiritual heritage in the use of soul memory filled with divine attributes allowing us to act in our life, to chose and master our thoughts, and thought forms.  The wonderful contact that existed with the Hierarchies allowed them to establish authentic life rules in harmony with the law of the universe.

Through the use of Crystal Skulls, you are in measure of:

-Rediscovering the sacred potential which would allow you to establish contact with the Beings of Light, the Guides, the Teachers, and Civilisations of old…

-Understanding how to use the astral dimension to help your work in healing, in negotiation with your soul, in your astral voyages…

-Being in greater harmony with the quintessence of life using the Crystal Skull.

-Developing our mental capabilities (astral memories, mental, telepathy, channelling…)

-Balancing the energy system through integration of superior chakras and through the DNA activation.

-Ascending to the sacred knowledge of the people of Atlantis of old.

-Preparing for future extraterrestrials contacts.


The skull is the exterior support to the superior part of your consciousness, the Universal Consciousness.  What is important to know, it is that each skull chooses its guardian, mandated to protect and work closely with other guardians.  Stones and crystals on our planet vibrate as one and are thus connected on subtle planes.  This is why the modern skulls are also able to receive the same vibration as those ancient and legendary ones or those of extraterrestrial creation.

Somewhere in our reality, they are but ONE.  When we find the skull which is to be ours, there is a special connection, a knowing.  It could be that something within it draws us to it or it may be simply its shape or physical appearance.  Just as if it was always there waiting for us. When we become guardian of a skull, we become more and more conscious of our unity with Mother Earth.  If we can feel ourselves connected with life, with the universe around us, our consciousness rises to a level where life has a whole new meaning.  You are not alone.  You are now part of the Earth’s guardians.

Each skull has a name and sooner or later it will be made known to you.  Some skull will let their guardian know their name almost immediately while other seem to take their time.  Often the name will come in a dream or surprisingly pop up in your conscience when you least expect it, sometime a familiar word or a play on words.  The names may sound strange but it is to be expected sometimes if we take into account the provenance of the Master who inhabits it; sometimes from ancient time or maybe from a different galaxy.

The skulls also act as archives; storing our intentions and the positive energy it finds itself in contact with.  They are also able to transmit the received information to other stones and people surrounding them.   The skulls seem to enjoy being taken places as this allows them to complete some of their destiny, their work.  They emit wherever they are found the stored intentions programmed in their matrix.  They also assimilate the energy of beneficial sites for us and our mission as in nature and sacred sites.

Imagination itself decides on the limit of what we can accomplish with a crystal skull but, the important thing, is to treat it with utmost respect, to protect it, but mostly to have pleasant interaction with them.  Even if the energetic work of planetary healing is very serious business, we must not forget to work with joy and love for those vibrations are by far superior to those of stubbornness and firmness of mind.

crânes de cristal  crystal skulls   PHILIPPE-WILLIAM SINCLAIR


Pacal, this one is very powerful. It is crystal clear and weighs in at 40 pounds or a little more than 18 Kg. The energy emanating from it is unbelievable, but we must stand firm at his side !


This one is my Master skull.  When in a circle formation, it is the one in the centre.  It weighs in at close to 100 pounds or 45kg.  With this one we must stand firm as he is most impressive and has the highest vibrations of them all.  Those who do not care for this skull find it impossible to get close to it.  It emits a powerful energy field.   One morning I woke up and just knew that I had to name him Metatron.  With this skull I have experienced much !


—Important —

 If you wish to listen to the videos, you must close the music bar found at the very bottom of the page.  Thank you.

And here is a ceremony and chanting using a Crystal Skull.  It was produced at the Hermitage of the Gorges de Galamus in the south of France.  A few years ago I had the chance to channel in the same place with people from the l’Aude and Paris region.  Our only lights were those of candles, we had incense, and the decor was pure magic !  It is so easy to recall…


Nowadays there are many stonecutters used in the fabrication of crystal skulls using either quartz or other semi or precious stone all over the planet.  And, as I understand it, because of their shape, those are also able to attract part of the energy field generated from the original 13 skulls.

How is this possible you may ask ?  This is produced by the original will and intentions in accord with the collective unconscious, of the Universal Spirit in tandem with the perceptive attributes of the living Mineral kingdom, this living sensitivity of the mineral and the sensible and living field of the holographic crystal model.  Every skull just sculpted, and for sure the crystalline mineral used is not of recent origins but might have taken thousand and thousands of years to form, recognize the °law° of intention with purpose, and, this attracts and receives diverse degrees and qualities of frequency themes, emanating from the thought forms projected by the 13 skulls.


Every crystalline mineral is both a transmitter and receiver.  There is an infusion and secondary programming which occurs in the conjunction of the individual body with the skull that you may have just acquired.  The mineral in itself is able to receive, store, amplify and transform subconscious human energy into its own proper one.  The skull then works in total consciousness with every human seeker, and the seeker is more than likely, in an unconscious way, attracted to the skulls because of previous lives which may have been in Atlantis, Lemury or with the Mayas, etc…

Those who are attracted to the skulls receive a part of all, just as the new skull just purchased, and this skull becomes, by mutual accord, teacher of a greater truth, also offering its views on the Perfection hologram.  This is why many are called to purchase those new skulls, as they surely open up the model and become teachers.  They become allies and protectors for each one of you on your path to Ascension, and they interact the moment you are ready to answer the call.  These tools are quite different from precious stones and crystals and have a different role to play that the Phi crystals.  Just like the crystals found in Atlantis were of very precise cut for different purpose, it is now the same thing between one for Unique goal or for Common day to day use.

The Crystal Skulls play a unique role, mostly different regarding certain main goals, but as of secondary attributes there is no difference.  We could say that the Phi crystals lead us to Starbursts and that the Crystal Skulls offer the knowledge of the initial model.  Some transports and refine the Light energy, and others are libraries.

For those researching an Atlantian or Lemurian lineage, there are many advantages in working with both during this time of awakening.  Both are tools who lend themselves to amplify and accelerate the journey just as for those who yearns for the true contacts with our Stellar Brothers and Sisters.

They are awakening to better prepare us for the upcoming Times…  And for the future Universal Contacts.

In a not too distant future I shall add more pages, related to this one, where you will learn to meditate with your crystal skulls.  You will also find just how you may activate them. How to work energetically with them and so on… So, to follow…

Philippe-William Sinclair

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